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Changing the conversation about mental health

Our Mission

LETS education foundation is a youth-led, club-based social movement dedicated to erasing the shame, fear, and isolation kids feel talking about personal problems and seeking help.
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Our Approach

By providing a safe place on campus for peers to talk openly and get educated, LETS Clubs build community, enhance empathy, and change lives.
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66% of young people with mental health issues do not seek the support they need. LETS inspires kids to get help before they are in crisis.
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“Kids coming together to change how the next generation will view mental illness—
that’s the LETS Effect!”
—Phil Fontilea, LETS Founder

“I’ve seen first-hand how LETS changes the perceptions of mental health
through advocacy and kindness. LETS gives us a voice.”
—Ashley Flores, LETS Youth Leader

“Before I got involved in LETS, I was a bully.
Now I’m an advocate of positive change and kindness.”
—Ashley Flores, LETS Youth Leader

“There is nothing like this blend of student-led initiative
and energy to open up oneself and one’s peers to fight stigma!”
—Dr. Steven Hinshaw, Board Member

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"LETS is important because it is a great Club with a great purpose of educating people and it's helpful to learn about people with mental illness."


"Youth can be the ones to erase the stigma because we can influence other teens and we'll grow up to adulthood with knowing how to erase the stigma."

LETS Members

"It is such a wonderful program and I know how it feels to be 'the crazy girl' so I want to erase the stigma with LETS."

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"I have changed the way I look at mental illness because I see how people think they are and I don't want to be like them so I try to understand the problem."

LETS Members

"The stigma of mental illness has impacted me because it would make me fear people with mental illness when I really didn't know anything other than the stigma."

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"It's important to erase the stigma of mental illness because we have the opportunity to.  We have to try to be the change we wish to see in the world!"

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